Lakshma Maxxi

Lakshma Maxxi Description:

Lakshma Maxxi is sold on third party websites only. We couldn’t locate the manufacturers website for this product.  We are unsure how long this product will remain in-stock. However, it is promoted as a anal brightening cream but third party websites.

This formula is safe for women and men looking to brighten darkened intimates. It can also brighten the look of the nipples, penis, vagina, bikini area, thighs, elbows, knees, freckles and age spots. However, we did not locate any information implying that it can brighten the look of the scrotum. You can find alternative products on the market suitable for all sensitive intimate areas by referring to the review grid below.

When evaluating the products details we noticed that Lakshma Maxxi ingredients are Hydroquinone-Free. This is an ingredient that is dangerous and has been deemed harmful to the skin. Be sure to elect products that are Hydroquinone-Free and cost-effective.

When taking a look at Lakshma Maxxi price, we noticed it’s an affordable product. You can purchase this formula for less than $30 on third party websites. However, a MSRP is not published. This is the manufacturers suggested retail price. We recommend products that cost less than $50. These are more affordable then products that cost over $50.

Lakshma Maxxi Features:

  • Marketed for application on anus, nipples, penis, underarms, bikini area and vagina area only specified (no specific mention if intended for the scrotum)
  • Hydroquinone free
  • Retails for under $50
  • No Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer

Lakshma Maxxi Details:




2 oz

Ingredients & Instructions:

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Lakshma Maxxi Results:

As stated by the manufacturer, individuals may achieve results within 3- 4 weeks of directed use. Results may vary and the whiter the skin, the faster the results. When results are achieved you may stop applying the product and apply again if skin gets darker again.

Things to Consider on Lakshma Maxxi:

When searching for the manufacturers website, we could not locate one. Also, a MSRP was not published. There is no telling how long this formula will remain in stock on third party websites. You can elect alternative options with a MSRP of less than $50 that can be ordered directly from their manufacturer by checking out the products on the grid below.

When looking at the product details, it claims that it can brighten the appearance of the anus, nipples, penis, vagina and underarms. However, we do not see any information specifying that this formula is also safe to brighten the look of the scrotum.

There are no Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials offered to help individuals save money on the product. You can elect other options that offer these specials and saving offers. Keep exploring your options.

Lakshma Maxxi Conclusion:

Based on information stated on the manufacturer’s website, it appears Lakshma Maxxi is intended for use on the anus and vagina areas for all skin tones and types. Lakshma Maxxi retails for under $50, but no special offers are available for purchase discounts. Lakshma Maxxi is promoted as an intimate brightening cream for pigmented areas. The formula is hydroquinone and paraben free. To see how Lakshma Maxxi compares to other intimate area products, please refer to the review grid and click on the learn more link.