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The Newest Facts on Intimate Area Skin Whitening Products
Intimate cosmetic treatments like anal bleaching, genital bleaching, vaginal bleaching, and nipple bleaching, started as “Hollywood” trends, and were only offered in a few salons and spas in California and New York. Since debut, these treatments have become very popular and many people are now searching for easier, practical alternatives for applications at home. Most individuals may prefer not to expose their private, intimate areas to salon technicians, let alone discuss this sensitive topic with others.

Pay Close Attention to Product Ingredients
There are various bleaching products that contain strong ingredients that can be irritating to the skin. For example, skin bleaching products that contain the ingredient Hydroquinone should be avoided due to the potential of side effects. Hydroquinone has been banned from use in Countries like France and the U.K. Reports have shown that it may lead to the development of cancer, and a statement from Dr. Jacobs of the FDA concludes that the Hydroquinone ingredient is mutagenic, clastogenic, and immunotoxic. Products that contain the ingredient Hydroquinone should be avoided, and include products in your skin care routine that use ingredients that are potentially less harmless like: Alpha Arbutin.

Review of Skin Whiteners
Below is a list of the most popular intimate area whitening products from companies that market their product to specifically whiten intimate areas. Our evaluation consist of a thorough review of the most common intimate areas of concern that might be affected by darkened skin discoloration, if the product contains the ingredient Hydroquinone, and if the manufacturer offers special discounts on purchases. Please see the review below for more information on skin whitening products.

Our Best Rated Anal Whitening Creams of 2018

Marketed to
Vaginal &
Bikini Area
Marketed to
Penis &
Marketed to
Offers a
Buy 2, Get 1
1 Revitapink Revitapink Superior Superior Superior Superior Superior Superior Learn
2 Pink Privates Pink Privates™ Superior Superior Superior Superior Superior Poor Learn
3 South Beach South Beach™ Superior Superior Superior Superior Superior Poor Learn
4 Biofade Biofade Superior Superior N/A Superior Superior Poor Learn
5 Dr. Pinks Dr. Pinks Superior Superior Good Good Superior Poor Learn
6 Lakshma Lakshma Superior Superior Poor Poor Superior Poor Learn
7 Divine Derriere Divine Derriere™ Superior Superior N/A Poor Poor Poor Learn
8 Vigala Vigala Superior Superior Poor Poor Poor Poor Learn
9 Lick & Luck Butt Bleach Lick & Luck Butt Bleach Superior Poor Poor Poor N/A Poor Learn
10 Honey Bare Butt Bleach Honey Bare Butt Bleach Superior Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Learn

† Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent often used in skin lightening / bleaching products
Hydroquinone has been liked to causing cancer, liver damage and other illnesses.

Superior” rating is gen to products that have the characteristics described at the top of the respective column. “Good” rating is given to products that met part but not all of the characteristic described in the respective column. A “Poor” rating is given when a product lacks the respective characteristic. “N/A” Rating is gen when the manufacturer of the product does not provide adequate information regarding the respective characteristic. Ratings are based on manufacturer’s labeling and marketing statements at the time when this table was last updated. Last updated: November, 2015

Brands referenced are trademarks of their respective companies.

Anal bleaching is a self-explanatory term, but while many people may know what anal bleaching is or some other general facts about anal bleaching, not a lot of people are aware that anal bleaching creams are not the only option when it comes to whitening the look of intimate areas. While many people may be searching for an anal bleach cream or the best anal bleaching cream on the internet, it is important for people to be aware that topical products marketed for bleaching purposes can come with certain risks and potential side effects.

A number of anal bleaching products use an ingredient called Hydroquinone in their formulation. Hydroquinone has been associated with several potentially damaging side effects from topical use alone. Topical products promoted for anal bleaching may require an appointment with a doctor in order to get a prescription for the product.

Anal bleaching is heavily searched for online, but topical products do not always have to involve bleaching intimate areas of the body in order to create the look of whiter, more evenly toned skin. Products marketed as topical whiteners can show dramatic results in the most intimate areas of the body, moreover products promoted for whitening are often free of Hydroquinone and can be easily purchased online.

An effective skin whitener can be extremely beneficial to people who are looking to whiten the appearance of their intimate areas without going to a doctor or an expensive salon. The best whitening products are especially formulated for use on the most intimate and sensitive areas of the body including the anus.

Navigating through the sea of products marketed for anal bleaching or for intimate area whitening can be difficult, getting the facts straight about what products to use is not easy, especially when there are so many different options available. Fortunately there are a number of different informational websites and resources available to people who are interested in making their skin look more evenly toned.

Anal bleaching used to be a practice that was only targeted at a very specific audience, however now a number of people, both men and women have started to use topical skin whiteners for intimate areas of the body, such as Pink Privates Review Intimate Whitening Cream or Revitapink Intimate Whitening. Whatever preferences you have regarding personal grooming habits and appearances, with the right skin whitening product you are in control of how you address the look of dark spots or discolorations on intimate areas of your body.